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Producing cold efficiently and sustainably, by replacing hazardous and polluting refrigerants with water.

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Energy efficiency
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Submission date November 04, 2020 Founders Karino Kang Development location France

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

With global warming, the need for cooling is increasing. Current technologies use fluorinated refrigerants, which have a very high global warming potential, to generate cold. Known alternatives to these refrigerants are causing other environmental and safety issues and are therefore not recommended. Aware that cooling is essential to human activities, Leviathan Dynamics has developed a technology that can meet this need, for industry first and for comfort later, while limiting the impact of cooling down places on global warming.

How is the problem solved?

We use the most natural of refrigerants, water, in an innovative mechanical stream compression cycle. This enables us to offer machines that do not use refrigerants that add to global warming while reducing the energy consumption of the machines by 30 %.

What is the customer target?

In the first place, the industry sector who uses coolers all year round. We are particularly interested in the plastics, mechanical, digital and chemical industries. with this type of process, we can reduce energy consumption by 30% in nominal operation and by 50 % over a full year.

How is this solution different?

The main innovations are: 1/ the development of a very compact multi-stage high-speed centrifugal compressor technology that is suitable to vacuum water steam 2/ the use of a direct exchange thermodynamic cycle that allows an improvement of energy efficiency by around 30 %.