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We, citizens of the entire world, have not given up fighting climate change.

There are millions of us,
and we have the power to act.
It's about time we do.

OK, but how?

Today there are 71,196 of us.
Tomorrow, with you, there could be millions.

Join the biggest citizen community dedicated to global action against greenhouse gases.

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Time for the Planet® is raising money
to detect and deploy 100 global innovations
against greenhouse gases.

Some innovations already financed and developed by Time for the Planet®

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You can make a difference.

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Become a shareholder

Your money finances massive-impact innovations.

A minimum of 90% of your investment finances innovations that make a global and massive impact against greenhouse gas emissions.

The other 10% funds operating expenses such as legal fees, salaries, web developments, and more.

We make our accounts transparent. See them here.


It benefits the planet!

Profits generated are fully reinvested in researching and spreading new innovations.

Every year, you'll receive a summary of how much greenhouse gases were avoided or captured thanks to your investment. This information is called the Climate Dividend.


Now is not the time for competition, but a time for cooperation.

All innovations financed are deployed through an open-source model.

This way, the innovations spread widely and are available to everyone.

Some examples of upcoming innovations that we have our eyes on.

We won't succeed without your help.

Funding closing for these innovations in 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day.


already collected

of €15,000,000

Only 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day left to reach this goal.
Become a shareholder
Funding closing for these innovations in 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day.

Marine Permaculture

92 assessments

Macro-algae forests capture enormous amounts of carbon, re-develop aquatic life and can be harvested to feed the world's population.


67 assessments

Large-scale production of zero-carbon fuel at a cost equivalent to fossil fuels.


19 assessments

Making energy transition possible through massive electricity storage.

This movement is yours.

Your superpower: A gigantic movement

Together, you combine a movement with limitless strength.

Whether you can invest a lot or a little, please join us. The more who join, the easier it becomes to convince major investors to do the same.

You only need 5 minutes to activate this superpower.

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In 3 years,

€13,034,930 raised
71,196 shareholders
7,344 innovations assessors
1,092 innovations received
5 innovations financed

Our core principles

Investing in TFTP benefits... the planet! You will Climate Dividends, which account for the number of tons of greenhouse gases avoided or captured thanks to your investment.


We accept all individuals, of age and up, as well as companies, associations, local authorities, and investment funds.