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Engage your company in the merciless fight against climate change.

We have 2 offers, named “Climate Deal” and “Core Partner”.
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The fight against greenhouse gases cannot succeed without companies.

You have 3 action-levers in your hands :

  • arrow_forward Reducing your own emissions.
  • arrow_forward Reducing emissions produced along your value chain (by your clients, suppliers, partners, employees)
  • arrow_forward Financing projects to reduce and harness carbon emission.

66,431 citizens have become shareholders.

They are your employees, current or future ones, your customers, your investors. Join them now.

They are waiting for you!

What does investing in our company mean ?

You will be investing in shares capital in a nonprofit company.

Bet on entrepreneurship and open-source, by our side, to win the fight against carbon emissions.

The Time for the Planet® movement needs opinion leaders and powerful key players to commit to our cause.

Join us to transform the world while we still have time.

Climate Deal

As a company, a minimum amount to be invested is required (depending on your number of employees) in order to become a shareholder.

Thanks to the Climate Deal, you will be granted a dedicated page on our website and know the amount of your investment's impact in reducing greenhouse gases (tons of CO2-eq).

Other on-demand options are available. You can run a simulation to discover those and estimate how much your company can invest.

How much to invest?

Core Partner Climate Deal

Be at the core of the Time for the Planet® movement. Let’s change the world together.

A 3 million euro minimum investment is required to benefit from the Core Partner Climate Deal.

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Offer Time for the Planet® shares to your collaborators and customers.

Goodies are old school. Gifts need to have meaning in the world as it is, and really convey your company values. In just a few clicks, you can offer shares to as many partner companies as you wish.

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TFTP (Time for the Planet®'s owner) is the first « société à mission » (French B Corp equivalent) exclusively dedicated to safeguarding the Earth's habitability. Our public shares offers are regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), specifically article 212-44 of AMF general rules.

We have written an Information summary , for the issue of new shares (which you can buy on our website). This offer does not produce any document requiring an AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) visa.