Toroidal Turbine

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'Time points' are awarded according to the adequacy of the solution with the type of innovations sought by Time for the Planet®. They correspond to the analysis of several factors :

  • impact potential: impact average score > 4 => 0,5 point / if > 4,15 => 1 point.
  • global consistency: all average score of the 6 selection criteria > 2,5 => 1 point.
  • the favourite: % of assessments judge the innovation as a top one to act on a global scale against greenhouse gases > 20% => 1 point
  • the targeting: validation of Time for the Planet<span class="brand">®</span> scope of action higher than 90% => 0,5 point + innovation level of maturity is enough => 0,5 point
  • social acceptability: semantic analysis score of comments > 0 => 0,5 point/ if > 3500 => 1 point
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Submitted to evaluations : After checking that an innovation is within the scope of the 20 issues Time for the Planet® targets and that it has reached a sufficient maturity, the innovation is being assessed.


Submission date January 10, 2022 Founders Ludovico Bonfiglio Development location Milano

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

The current traditional turbines work almost all with a single fluid while our device, being multifunctional, will work with any fluid under pressure. Also while the other traditional turbines have the generator connected externally, our innovation has the generator included internally

How is the problem solved?

The toroidal turbine is multifunctional to produce electricity, and can be driven by any fluid under pressure such as water, compressed air, steam, nitrogen, pipeline gas, but being also reversible if driven by electricity it becomes a compressor or hydraulic pump.

What is the customer target?

The customers are all electricity producers such as hydroelectric power plants; producers of electricity with steam from thermoelectric and thermonuclear power plants; pipeline operators to produce electricity with gas pressure but without burning it

How is this solution different?

Our toroidal turbine has a very high energy efficiency both in the consumption of electricity as a compressor or hydraulic pump and as the generation of electricity, and produces much more electricity than traditional generators